Friday, March 4, 2011

Sometimes We Like Talking Just to Each Other

Okay okay, I know this is a food blog. But sometimes there are stories in my life that just need to be told. Especially when it comes to the many ways men try to hit on me (trust me, I am not bragging). I could write a whole list of ways how not to hit on women, but for this particular post I have a story with a purpose.

It was a bitterly cold Thursday night. I was having dinner with a dear friend. He is one of those people who when he is done eating - he is ready to go. He doesn't really care to finish his soda or linger over the table shredding up the napkin while we talk about various topics. I, on the other hand, love to linger. This guy is usually politely waits until I realize he is ready to go by the table shaking due to foot tapping. We were paying out when suddenly he says, "I've got to go. This situation is about to get me in trouble." He walks out the door.

I hadn't even put my hat and gloves on. I knew he hated waiting,but jeez! As I got up to put on my coat I finally saw what he was talking about. There was a group of young girls (athletes from a nearby college) and at another table a group of friends. The girls were enjoying their company alone the whole time my friend and I were there. However, when I turned around there was a guy at the table across from them turned around in his chair talking to them. All I could hear was "23?! I guessed right. Where are you guys from?" The girls are begrudgingly giving answers and sinking closer into their food trying to shut this man down as politely as they possible.

So this is what caused my friend to run away in a mad dash. He had to leave before he got angry with this guy. I kind of took my time putting on my jacket to watch the conversation. This guy was a tool. The girls weren't even making eye contact with him. They wanted no part of him. Not to mention that this man was very ambitiouss. Drunk, chubby, and rude and he was trying to hit on not one, not two, but THREE young ladies. So as I walked out I stop in front of him and say, "I really don't think those girls are interested in talking with you." He gave me a cocky smile and leaned back in his chair, "No... I don't think they are." The poor jerk, I think he thought I was sympathizing with him. Then I tilted my head and replied, "Then why the hell are you still bothering them?"

I left after that, hoping I helped him realize he should return to his own friends conversation and leave the ladies alone. I went outside and asked my why he didn't stand up for the girls. He had no answer. Pathetic. Chivalry was really dead in this instance.

However, it made me remember the great speech Julia Sugarbaker gives in one of the first episodes of Designing Women. Check it out!

So listen up fellas... there is a right way and a wrong way to hit on girls. Also, if you see a jerk like this guy hitting on a group of unwilling ladies - then step in and get some brownie points!

Ladies, share your unwanted attention stories in the comments section!