Friday, April 23, 2010

Two at the Table

Okay... sometimes three.

But basically, I'm not feeding 5 kids and a husband like my grandma did in her mid twenties. And according to some things I've read, not many others are either. I feed me and my hungry boyfriend. So why are all the recipes for 4 or more (especially the good ones)? So a few months ago I delved into cooking for two cookbooks and cutting larger recipes down to size. I was also using produce from my Grow Alabama box. It was great fun, but I was spending a lot of money to supplement the box for my fancy foodie recipes. So, out came my inner food nerd (more explanation later). I started keeping receipts, figuring out how to lower the bill with out dropping all foodie inclinations.

This blog will document how I feed my boyfriend and I for $50 dollars a week. A large focus will be on in season produce, but pantry cooking allows me to keep my budget under control. Besides the recipes, I'll also explain how I put together menus, write about local restaurants, my balcony garden, and how to obtain local products.

Look for the first recipe post soon!

8/12/10: Because Dennis and I have commited to trying to support local farms and sustainable practices, we upped the budget by $10. This enables us to buy better quality meat and produce. So we now spend $60 a week on groceries.

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  1. I can't wait to see your recipes! I'm always struggling with what to fix for dinner since it's just me here and I don't like eating leftovers again and again. Quick, healthy, and easy would be ideal, but I can never come up with anything good!