Saturday, June 26, 2010

Food Waste Friday

Yeah... I know it's Saturday.

Yesterday I was too busy laying around on the sofa with Dennis, working, and then going out for wine to be bothered blogging. Life>Blogging. On a completely unrelated note... I tried a wine called Jazz Jam Sweet Shiraz, from South Africa - so yummy! I told Dennis I was celebrating the World Cup the only way I knew how.

So I have joined Kristen from The Frugal Girl and other bloggers in Food Waste Friday. Every Friday I will post pictures of the food that has to be thrown away because it has gone bad. This is to bring consciousness to the amount of money we throw away every week. The point of the picture is to shame the blogger into reducing their food waste so that they have nothing to report. In a Tim James kind of fashion, "It makes sense..... does it to you?".

I think this is terribly important for singles and doubles who cook. Sometimes when cutting a recipe, you only need half a can of something (it's usually tomato paste at my house) and you never seem to finish it off before it turns fuzzy.

This week, there is quite a bit of waste. And since I cook at two houses... I am not really sure what's under my jurisdiction. I will claim Dennis' food waste for him, but there are no pictures of that ugliness. I know you guys hate that!

From my house there are leftover grits from brunch party last week, some braised white beans from work, and lots of cold cuts. Two out of the four cold cuts aren't mine. They are my room mate's who left for Fiji a few weeks ago. I don't really eat much sandwich stuff, so this was bound to happen.
From Dennis' house, there was a whole pineapple that we go to too late. We thought very briefly about salvaging it, but there were so many brown spots to cut around that it wasn't going to happen. And there is some chicken broth that I don't know how long has been in there. I am not sure when chicken broth goes bad, but I am not going to find out by trial and error.

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