Friday, January 21, 2011

Before & After

Okay... so I have realized that over the last four years I have made a lot of new friends. Most of these friends know me as I am now - the mostly healthy fresh food cook. However, I also have friends that I have known for a long time now. They knew high school and college Mandy. The girl who loved every carb known to man (usually with cheese or frosting on top of it). I was a pretty heft girl back in the day.

At my Three King's Day party, I had a  long-time friend that was complimenting me on how good I looked and how impressed she was with my habits now. My new friend just looked lost and confused. So I had to explain that I used to be fat. No... I am not talking about losing the 15lbs you gained in college. I am talking about losing a lifetime of weight - 70lbs to be exact.

So I decided it was time to share the photos. A lot of my friends are battling the weight loss game and I know just how motivational pictures can be. I still run into people from college who haven't seen me since graduation, and their reactions are enough to make me beam with pride for the rest of the day. For the most part, I keep these photos hidden. I went through my online profiles a couple of years ago and wiped out the evidence.

Here are the befores. They were taken a mere few weeks after my mother's death (Spring 2007) - and this was ultimately the biggest I ever was. 235lbs

And here are my afters. I teeter between 155-160lbs. I am currently trying to get down to 140 and get some muscle tone. So I guess you could say, I am just completing the finishing touches.

So, my dear friends. All I can say is, if I can do it - so can you. Good luck on your journey! [Especially dedicated to all my friends who are testing out the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program with me. May we not turn into the group of women who sit around and talk about points all the time.]


  1. is so easy for groups of women to sit around and talk about dieting and exercising, isn't it?! You've done such an awesome job and are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing this back story!

  2. Jennifer, at least in our group it is! We hit up a lot of other topics though!

    You are doing so great, Jen. I was bragging about your two work outs in a row to someone the other day.

  3. You look great, Mandy!

  4. Thanks, Summer! Dinner at my house next week?