Monday, January 31, 2011

This is where the food lives!

My friend Summer and I can never sit next to each other long before the conversation turns to cooking. We're both avid home cooks and love talking shop together. We were once talking about organizing a kitchen after a move and that's when she says, "It's the most important room in the house. This is where the food lives!"

My room mate and I have been living in our current apartment for nine months. Neither of us have any plans on leaving our wonderful little home and so I am beginning to truly nest. This will be the first place I live in longer than a year and that's pretty awesome. But this also means some serious organization needs to happen because I know the longer we live here the more stuff is going to come live here too.

But I am starting small... the pantry. Thank goodness we got this pantry. With all our pots, glasses, plates, and what have you... there was almost no place to put food.  (Summer... that's your cue.) I want to get a couple of lazy susans to organize the spices, baskets for the root vegetables, and maybe some plastic containers for the dry goods I use regularly. I know my mom had some Tupperware storage containers. So hopefully I can track that stuff down. I also want to put a couple of baskets on top to store our plastic containers.

I'll also be going through my stuff and culling gadgets, appliances, and other things I don't use. Tackling the kitchen before I move on to closets! This is supposed to be easy, right?

Are you doing any nesting of your own? Is the thought of cleaning out your closet too horrifying to imagine? Isn't spring here yet? Share your story with me in the comments section.


  1. Yes! I saw this post title and it made me happy :) I need to do more organizing...and I need more space! I have so many kitchen gadgets and dishes, as you well know. And the food...I hate buying something and then forgetting I have it, and consequently, not using it.

  2. My pantry looks worse than when this photo was taken. I want to take everything out and reorganize soon!

    Maybe it will be my weekend project to at least get started.