Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Community Supported Bakery

I am a big fan of the Tree Hugger website. I love reading about what people are doing to improve their lives in a positive (and earth friendly) way! This lovely little video I am sharing with you made my heart smile. This woman has converted her garage into a bakery where she sells shares of baked goods. Brilliant! If you live in the South Puget area - I am super jealous, because I would totally be buying a share from 8 Arms Bakery.

Watch the video below to learn more!

Do you buy your baked goods from a local bakery or (like me) are you still buying from the grocery store? Share your information in the comments section!


  1. My husband and I started a CSB in Albany, NY late last year and currently have 68 shares sold w/ 48 members! I highly encourage other bakers to follow this route, it's been enormously successful for us - we're about to open our first tiny retail shop. Check us out at

  2. That's awesome! My friend told me about her dream to own a small bakery/cafe... and I've recently joined up the cause with her. But I kind of need to learn to bake first.