Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fall Gardening

I don't have a yard. I just keep talking about gardening anyways. It's really a cruel thing to do yourself. But this Saturday Dennis and I attended a great workshop at Jones Valley Urban Farm. Edwin Marty did a great job condensing a lot of information into a little under two hours. Dennis took a lot more notes than I did (more organized too).

To sum it up even further, if you want to grow some fall vegetables (beets, turnips, greens, winter squash) then you need to start your seeds now. August 15 is apparently the deadline to get some (not all) veg into the ground. I am not sure that Dennis and I will plant this year, but it was a great workshop. I may just try to make some really great compost for a year and start next year. Edwin said that fall is perfect for beginning gardeners because you don't to compete as much with pests and disease.

We're looking for a space... hopefully we can find something soon! If not, we may attempt some container stuff. I'll keep you posted.

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