Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Menu | Week of October 11

There were no updates this week because between my birthday and going out of town for work - there was no time for cooking. Dennis cooked me a wonderful lasagna for my birthday. Maybe one day he'll guest post for me!

Dennis also scored some VIP tickets to Break N Bread. I stuffed myself silly with really awesome food. Other than feeling like a total fat ass for the rest of the day, it really inspired me to find some great recipes to make at home. Next Special Occasion Dinner: Scallops! Stay tuned my darlings.

There is no delivery this week from Grow Alabama. This actually happened at a perfect time, because it will allow me to catch up and really use up some of my veggies. Right now I am overstocked with green beans, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. Some of the green beans will be frozen and the rest will be eaten through out the week. Thankfully, potatoes and squash last a good long time in the pantry. So I am in no hurry to use those up.

I finally paid off my fines at the library, so now I am once again in research mode. I have got some great cookbooks checked out. Hopefully I can find some solid fall recipes that can easily be divided or frozen. I definitely have some recipes that I am excited about making in the next couple of weeks.

So here is the plan for the week....

Monday: Sidewalk Film Festival Volunteer Party at Rojo
Tuesday: Mediterranean Vegetable Casserole (from freezer) over Polenta
Wednesday: Lamb and Eggplant Ragu over Whole Wheat Pasta
Thursday: Pumpkin Carving & Chili with Friends (Bringing Baked Apple Oatmeal Pudding)
Friday: Vegetable Fried Rice with Cucumber Salad

Saturday: Apple Pancakes with molasses or honey
Leftovers for Lunch
Lebanese Beans, Whole Grain Pilaf, Hummus, Baba Ganouj, Pita Bread

Sunday: Potato & Artichoke Fritatta
Curried Squash Soup
Leftovers for Dinner


  1. Dude, as your roommate, I seriously hope I'm around for apple pancakes! ;-)

  2. I actually had you in mind for the beans, pilaf, and hummus meal.

    But the pancakes can be arranged.