Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pizza Night

I am not sure if some of you realize this, but I sometimes find it a pain to take pictures of the cooking process. But since I know (as a blog reader) everyone likes to see the process, I do it. It's all for you! Though sometimes I don't take pictures. And pizza is certainly one of those times that if you need me to explain how it's made - then there isn't much hope for your future as a cook. It's okay... I'm single. ;) (Statement for men only, sorry girls!)

You know whats also great about homemade pizza? I don't ever mind making more than two servings of it, because cold pizza is one of by absolute favorite leftovers.

This week: The sauce was just some simply garlic and chili infused olive oil. The pie was topped with Cherokee Purple tomatoes, grilled chicken, feta, and red onions.

Next up... a variation on the butternut squash pizza my girls Summer and Jen made!

What was on your pizza this week? Homemade or not, please share in the comments!

Does anyone else see the LOL cat hiding in my tomato?


  1. What a cute tomato! And that pizza looks/sounds great. I think you'll be pleased with the b-nut pizza as well---Jen and I agreed it'd be good with a little pesto!

  2. Pesto and I are close friends. I like to put it in canned tuna and eat it on top of salad. Yummy!