Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tiny Tables Expansion Pack

I recently added the line to my header... "and living on a smaller scale." I felt it was time to share more about my philosophy on life, not because I have anything great to say about it - but because it's something in my life that I am constantly working to make better.  I am actually in a place where I feel I have my feet on a solid path (in terms of small scale living - I wish I was so secure in other areas!), it's now about taking the steps forward. So this should be fun! It should be more like tips and tricks rather than preaching. At least that's the goal.

I actually started cooking because I was trying to reconnect with my food. I should say "connect", because reconnect implies that I was once connected. I only got a smidge of it from my granny. I can remember snapping green beans into big buckets of water and her making muscadine jelly. That woman really knew how to pinch pennies and is my personal example of small scale living. So as an adult who was looking to really take a leap into something that might really impact my life, I chose food. So over the last year I have met all the seasons bounty and can appreciate each season. This eventually lead to Tiny Tables, a blog that's supposed to be sharing with people how to enjoy fresh seasonal foods when it's just one or two people.

Future Topics: Bicycling, sustainable farming, community, non-consumerism, livable cities, gardening, and frugality.

Are any of you making steps to living on a smaller scale? Is it because of the economy, environment, or maybe some of both? Or are you like me and just a country girl trying to merge your past into this here city life?

This is me and the Pink Lady.


  1. I love the pink lady! And I love all the different topics you're hitting on with your blog. I wasn't sure what I wanted mine to be, really...though it's slowly turning food-oriented.

    I love the Pink Lady! Do you ride her to work? (That's what she said???)

  2. I've been wanting to expand it for some time. I evne toyed with starting another blog, but who has time to maintain two blogs?

    I think the pink lady got a nickname. I work with a lot of Spanish guys. And everyday one of the guys ask about my bicicleta. I love it! Bicicleta de rosa!