Friday, December 31, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions

Tonight is hopefully going to be all about a sparkly dress and glass after glass of champagne. Despite losing my last two grandparents and becoming single again, this year has been excellent. I learned a lot about vegetables, I got the Pink Lady, and I now live in a really awesome apartment with a good friend. I feel that I learned a lot about living a greener life. Let's not forget the best part of 2010 - I started this blog! For eight months now I have been showing small households how to enjoy fresh foods.

I never resolute to lose weight, because my health is always something I want to work on everyday of my life. Also, I will no longer promise to life a greener life. I am actively working on that every day... so no need to beat a dead horse. I am never good at picking one thing, I usually have two or three I want to do. So here they are...

1. Have a dinner party once a month: Some will be formal, some will be casual - but I want to bring people together to enjoy seasonal foods. I want to see all my friends around the table, drinking wine, and laughing so hard that we almost choke on mashed potatoes.

2. Obtain the perfect American Girl look: Meaning I want to find the perfect white t-shirts, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. This is my just for fun resolution.

3. Community Involvement: I want to try and volunteer at least 60 hours this year. I probably volunteered right about 20 hours this year. I already regularly volunteer for the Birmingham Museum of Art, but I would like to also volunteer regularly with at least two more organizations.

How are you ringing in the New Year? Got any resolutions you are excited about? Just point, click, and leave a comment!


  1. 2010 was actually the first year that I made resolutions AND put forth a concerted effort to keep them. I learned to knit, read more Updike, cut back on foul language, kept up with written correspondence, & volunteered with Meals of Mercy every Thursday at noon (which is also how I got to know Phillip; he's been involved with that program for a couple of years now).

    I'm still thinking about this year's resolutions -- I might try to read all the Harry Potter books again and go vegetarian for a month (I was a vegetarian for a while as a teen).

    Best of luck to you with your resolutions -- they're great! (I sound like Tony the Tiger.)

  2. Jenny, if you want a real challenge try to go vegan. I did it for 6 weeks one summer. It was hard, but my body felt so amazing. It was nice just to shake up my every day diet.