Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year | The Southern Tradition

Happy New Year, readers!

I had a blast last night with all my friends! We did 2011 proud! I am just popping in really quick on this dreary January 1st to share a couple of recipes from the blog's collection.  Here in the South we have a tradition of eating black eye peas (good fortune), collard greens (good health) , and corn bread (to keep you humble) on New Year's Day. The meal is supposed to bring you luck for the upcoming year. I think there are variations on what each menu item represents. But these are the meanings I found when I ran a search on them. I even found a couple of things saying to include pork (like that's hard) and to eat peach cobbler. I don't really understand the peach cobbler - peaches are not in season. Hopefully we all put peaches in the freezer last summer.

Sure, you could cook them separately and make meal out of it. But thankfully I have a soup (complete with bacon), cornbread, and peach cobbler recipe that will make it easier. The soup isn't for two - but freezes nicely!

New Year's Menu:
Do you have any food traditions for New Year's? Or do you just stumble into Waffle House and chow down?

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