Monday, February 14, 2011

100th Post | I Will Be A Hummingbird

My 100th Post! So I have posted lots of recipes featuring fresh, seasonal produce that will fuel your body in a good way (even though some of the recipes are a bit luxurious). Really, there are only a few more months until I have completed a whole year documenting what I cook. At first, I thought the blog was a cute idea, "Oh Tiny Tables - it's a cooking for two blog!".  It was something just to kind of fidget around with.  I also like the idea of showing off some of my cooking skills. I mean come on, I aint too shabby! At the heart, this blog is still all about feeding two people with fresh seasonal foods. However, I have truly become an advocate for eating a planet friendly diet. To me, this blog is a lens into the great greener community.

Lately, I have become very fascinated with the process of growing fresh foods. I watch documentaries, read books, and even apply for jobs that will further my knowledge on the topic. I feel that eating fresh foods that are almost meatless is my small step in healing the planet. After watching the film, Dirt -The Movie, I am even more convinced that my small choices are helping. Here is a clip from the movie that really touched me (not to mention... super cute).

Are you doing the best you can? How?

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